Educational Enterprises offers high quality evaluation and reporting services


Educational Enterprises staff chiefly focus their efforts on federally funded initiatives in support of k-12 education and educational reform initiatives in the mid-Atlantic region. The mission of Educational Enterprises is to provide information from objectively gathered and systematically analyzed data which impart guidance and support, program planning, informed decision-making, and evaluation of educational practices that assist educators throughout the mid-Atlantic region to become more data-driven.

Educational Enterprises staff are fully aware of the fact that evaluations of program efficacy need to be sensitive to the unique features of program operations and the ways in which programs continue to evolve in meeting program goals and objectives as well as the needs of their constituencies. In conducting research and evaluation work, Educational Enterprises staff constantly focus on our clients and in making their needs our priorities. The specific goals of the Educational Enterprises include:

  • To provide high quality, user-friendly evaluations of educational programs

  • To utilize client-oriented approaches to answer specific questions

  • To provide useful research findings that aid strategic decision-making

Staff members are experts in the design of research and the use of evaluation methods, program implementation and compliance, as well as problem solving. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are employed to produce a comprehensive evaluation. Quantitative assessment methods include analysis of standardized test data and the development, administration, coding, and analysis of questionnaires, interviews and observations. Qualitative assessment methods include: on-site program observation and the use of stakeholder focus groups. In addition, presentations of evaluation and assessment findings are disseminated to education research and lay audiences, as well as peer-reviewed journals.

For more information on Educational Enterprises services, contact:

William Evans, Ed.D.
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